Schools &

As a regional centre serving over 40,000 people, Swan Hill provides first-rate education and training opportunities to those young and old. The region offers multiple primary, secondary and p-12 schools for children to grow, learn and make friends. Additionally, a specialist school for children with disabilities and the Payika Campus of the Victorian College of Koorie Education both operate in the area, ensuring all members of the community get the quality education they deserve. For those seeking tertiary education to further their education, craft a pathway to uni, upskill or change careers, the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE campus at Swan Hill offers courses across a wide range of industries.

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High School

As a regional centre, Swan Hill has become a hub for high-quality secondary schooling in the region, with students coming from far and wide to study here. Secondary school is an important step toward preparing for adult life, we are proud of our ability to shape our teenagers into upstanding young adults here in Swan Hill.

Further Education and Training

Skilled work is highly valued in the Swan Hill region. We offer an array of education and training services that provide relevant learning experiences. For those fresh out of school, looking to upskill or yearning for a career change, Swan Hill can provide the tertiary education you’re seeking.