Health and Well-being

Your health and wellbeing are certain to improve simply by moving to Swan Hill, however it’s always important to take care of yourself. Swan Hill has many facilities to make sure you and your family remain physically and mentally healthy. Swan Hill District Health provides a variety of health care services including basic medical care, dental care, surgical services and much more. In addition to medical services, there are various gyms, fitness centres and wellness centres across the region for you to keep fit and active, allowing you to fully enjoy all the amazing benefits of living in Swan Hill.

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If your health takes a turn, you want to know there are services close by to help you. Swan Hill is proud of its regional hospital, offering first-class medical services to the city and surrounding areas and striving to add more services and staff as the region grows.


Medical Specialists

For smaller medical needs, there is a multitude of friendly and knowledgeable GPs that are dedicated to serving the community and ensuring all our residents get the care they need.

Walks & Parks

The fresh country air and beautiful landscapes in and around the Swan Hill region are the inspiration for our relaxed, harmonious lifestyle. Being so close to nature is integral to our wellbeing and there are a variety of parks, walks and nature reserves for you to get out, get active and soak up the best that the Swan Hill region has to offer.